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The EOV Wellness Project™ is a deeply researched and well-rounded program that aims to enhance the well-being of individuals, the companies they work for, and society at large.

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“The part can never be well if the whole is not well.” – Plato, 380 BC

EOV Wellness Project™ is based on the Shared Value Concept, which was developed by Harvard Business School. Creating Shared Value is when companies address society’s issues at large they not only benefit the society, they benefit their bottom line.

EOV Wellness Project™ was developed to bring companies opportunities to apply Shared Value to work together to improve the well-being of their employees.

Research has shown that well-being strategies and preventative health are proving to be key in creating a vibrant workplace with improved morale, fewer sick days, higher productivity. When we use the word well-being we are referring to subjective well-being.Which is a persons assessment of how they feel about their happiness and satisfaction with life, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

The wellness methods and techniques that we are utilizing are to help individuals address challenges and stressors while increasing the potential of improving their well-being, in and out of the office.

The EOV Wellness Project™ consists of three parts:
01 Wellness workshops
02 Ongoing Wellness Support
03 EOV Online



Wellness Workshops

Small Group workshops of 25 participants will have access to EOV’s carefully curated wellness toolkit, custom-made for the program. The workshop offers participants a range of practical solutions and options, for them to find the methodologies that will best help them as individuals, on the journey to better health. Our program is built on a strong and sound medical foundation and designed by EOV’s Medical Director, Chris Stewart-Patterson, MD. Dr. Stewart-Patterson is an Occupational Medicine expert. He is the CME Program Director at the Harvard Medical School and a clinical instructor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia. He has also worked at the Harvard Macy Institute, developing curricula for medical professionals and has provided occupational medical services to numerous institutions and individuals including those with high stress jobs like firefighters and members of the armed forces. The EOV Wellness Project™ has distilled the best medical information we have available to us today, to create a course that is rooted in solid research.

We lead you through eight carefully designed modules, providing information and strategies for eight crucial aspects of your life: sleep, staying active, relaxation, social connections, habits, financial wellness and environmental responsibility.

We want to make this feasible for your organization. Organizations with fewer than 25 employees can join with another small company to book a 25 person workshop. Large organizations requiring multiple workshops can benefit from special rates.

We also know that communication and comprehension happens differently for different people. Some people need visual aids, others need audio stimuli, others need the written word. That’s why we put together a team of creatives from around the world – art directors, composers, filmmakers, writers and actors, to give expression to this knowledge through multiple mediums, allowing for participants to benefit from a multi-sensory learning process. For example, EOV workshops will feature an original music score, designed to help participants better absorb the information they are learning.



Ongoing Wellness Support

EOV Wellness Project™ continues to provide motivation and encouragement after the workshop ends with our Ongoing Wellness Support Program.

We recognize that working through challenges may be difficult, but the process can be enjoyable when equipped with effective strategies and tools. We are dedicated to providing education, strategy and effective solution based tools to assist participants in improving their emotional, physical and psychological well-being. 

As part of our commitment to our participants success, we offer ongoing support and education in an informal, conversational tone via emails, booklets and access to our members only portal where they can find videos, additional information, resources and easy-to-do tips to help keep them moving in the direction towards well-being.

Ongoing Wellness Support is free to all participants of the Wellness Workshop, there are no strings attached. Participants can cancel whenever they feel they no longer need further support or they can re-join if they need us again! 



EOV Online

Sometimes all you need is to be back in the atmosphere of an EOV wellness workshop again, with a knowledgeable presenter guiding you through the tools you can use to enhance your wellness. Or maybe you’ve been able to achieve some aspects of your wellness journey, but just need to work a bit more on your sleep, or exercise. EOV Online distils each of the eight chapters of the EOV workshop into visually and musically rich 10 minute videos that serve as a refresher of the EOV workshop experience, in the comfort and privacy of your home. As an EOV workshop participant, you can go back to any module of your choice, when you feel you need it. We are currently developing the EOV online series, which will be available for sale to the public, and on the members-only portal for workshop participants.