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EOV Wellness Project™ is an innovative and comprehensive program providing education, strategy and effective solution based tools that assist individuals in improving their well-being.

EOV Wellness Project™ is based on the Shared Value Concept, which was developed by Harvard Business School. Creating Shared Value is when companies address society’s issues at large they not only benefit the society, they benefit their bottom line.

EOV Wellness Project™ was developed to bring companies opportunities to apply Shared Value to work together to improve the well-being of their employees.

Research has shown that well-being strategies and preventative health are proving to be key in creating a vibrant workplace with improved morale, fewer sick days, higher productivity. When we use the word well-being we are referring to subjective well-being.Which is a persons assessment of how they feel about their happiness and satisfaction with life, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

The wellness methods and techniques that we are utilizing are to help individuals address challenges and stressors while increasing the potential of improving their well-being, in and out of the office.

EOV Wellness Project™ is comprised of three distinguishable, key aspects.



Wellness Workshop

EOV’s Wellness Workshop informational content was developed by Medical Director and Lead Facilitator Dr.Chris Stewart–Patterson, Director of Harvard Medical School and Faculty at Harvard Macy Institute.

Dr. Stewart Patterson has years of experience teaching his 7 Secrets Technique to doctors, emergency personnel and corporations. His proven program for addressing stress with his wellness options has successfully assisted many individuals working to improve their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

Following the 7 Secrets Technique our workshop provides education and strategies on how to stay active, social connections, address habits, relax and financial wellness.

EOV’s Wellness Workshop is not focused on health screening, medical assessments, fitness competitions and weight loss. We value the importance of assisting in improving the over all well-being of each individual. In each section of Dr.Stewart-Patterson’s 7 Secrets Techniques numerous options are presented for addressing each topic so that people have more opportunity to find what works best for them, as individuals.

The facilitators present the workshop in a welcoming and conducive learning environment with, 25 participants (approx.), which increases the potential of, interaction between the participants and the facilitator, greatening the overall experience. If a company is small with only a few employees we can join them with employees from other small companies to form a workshop, if a medium or large company wants to purchase a number of workshops we will work out a special rate for that, there will also be package options available for all workshops regarding catering and venues.

Our creative team has revitalized the workshop experience by developing a unique presentation where the use of visuals, audio and online interactions enhance learning and keep participants engaged.


Music has been proven to be an effective tool in engaging all areas of the brain. Edo Van Breenem, a Vancouver-based composer has created a breakthrough 3D sound performance that further augments participants learning. He has created an original music score composed specifically to prepare the participants for the information they are about to receive during each of the 7 secrets.

Visual Aids

Our creative team uses visual aid enhancements to engage participants, reinforce key points, assist in the absorption of information and appeal to the participant’s imagination. Our visual aids add power to the spoken word amplifying understanding.

Case Study

EOV Wellness Project™ uses a case study as a fun and interactive way to assist participants to identify, connect and apply solutions to improve overall well-being. The case method, originally introduced as a teaching method by Harvard Business School, is proven to enhance learning by improving participant’s engagement with the material presented. The case study allows the facilitator to connect with the participants and the presentation feels more like a conversation not a lecture.



Personalized Wellness Strategy

EOV Wellness Project™ identifies 7 secrets for improving personal wellness and how each one of the secrets works best when nurtured, developed and maintained.

Even though are wellness workshop takes place in a group environment, we focus on the individual. Throughout the workshop we place emphasis on the importance for all participants to identify, recognize, acknowledge and create a plan that will be the most beneficial to their own personal wellness.

Each participant will receive a detailed wellness strategy that is generated through their online personal assessment. The personalized strategy will identify areas that could use improvement and assist in setting short and long term achievable goals to become healthier, have more fun, increase energy and have a better sense of well-being.



Ongoing Wellness Support

EOV Wellness Project™ continues to provide motivation and encouragement after the workshop ends with our Ongoing Wellness Support Program.

We recognize that working through challenges may be difficult, but the process can be enjoyable when equipped with effective strategies and tools. We are dedicated to providing education, strategy and effective solution based tools to assist participants in improving their emotional, physical and psychological well-being.

As part of our commitment to our participants success, we offer ongoing support and education in an informal, conversational tone via emails, videos, blogs and access to our members only portal where they can find additional information, resources and easy to do tips to help keep them moving in the direction go improving ones well-being.

Ongoing Wellness Support is free to all participants of the Wellness Workshop, there are no strings attached. Participants can cancel whenever they feel they no longer need further support or they can re-join if they need us again!

Praise for the Wellness Project

“I liked the musical interludes, the clarity of the slides and the relatable stories.”