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About EOV

Emphasis On Viable, (EOV) Ventures was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The name EOV was selected to acknowledge the importance of continuing to explore and research what maybe viable and productive to our business.

EOV strives to develop projects that apply the Shared Value concept to small,medium sized and large companies. Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities by addressing societal issues and was originally defined in the Harvard Business Review, “Creating Shared Value” January/February 2011. For additional information on Creating Shared Value visit Shared Value Initiative.

Through extensive, research, strategy formalization and dedication, EOV developed the EOV Wellness Project, a innovative, comprehensive wellness program that is providing opportunities for companies for Creating Shared Value.



Our mission

Our mission is to have innovative and comprehensive programs that assist companies increase probability, of growth and a sustainable future by cultivating healthy and productive work environments.

Our goal is to provide education and effective solutions that inspire and empower employees to improve their well-being, resulting in a healthier, happier, present and more productive life in and out of the office, which directly impacts the success, growth and bottom line of the employer.


EOV is comprised of a team of accomplished professionals and the well-substantiated EOV Wellness Project™ highlights their abilities to develop and produce a purposeful and beneficial program.

We would like to thank all of the people that contribute to the success of our company that are not listed below.

Development & Design

Robert Sutherland


Dr Stewart-Patterson

Medical Director / Lead Facilitator

Terra Slade

Director of Marketing and Client Relations

Douglas Toews

Creative Director

Gwenael Lewis

Director / Art Director and Film Director

Edo Van Breemen

Composer / Sound Designer