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Why EOV?

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia. EOV has developed an innovative and comprehensive workshop based on the Shared Value concept that was developed by the Harvard Business Review. Simply stated, it shows that companies benefit financially when they address society’s and their employees’ problems and concerns. Our first effort helps companies help their teams reduce stress while helping them improve their well-being.

How is this workshop different from other wellness workshops?

EOV Wellness project™ is comprised of three distinguishable, key aspects.

A wellness worksop, the informational content was developed by Dr.Stewart- Patterson who is a Director of the Harvard Medical School and is faculty at the Harvard Macy Institute.The EOV creative team developed originally composed music for each of the 7 modules which is heard in 360 degree surround sound, there are also interesting visuals that have been selected.

There is also a Personal Wellness Strategy, there is time allotted from the workshop where participants will fill out questions on their phones and after the workshop is completed they are sent there results with suggestions.

On Going Wellness Support is offered through a member’s only portal to all that have participated in our workshop, with updates, internet links, videos and blogs, and questions can be submitted to the EOV Team.

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are currently offered in Vancouver BC, and the Lower mainland of BC, with options of workshop space locations.

How long are the workshops?

3 hrs with two ten minute breaks

Do the workshops have a limit for the amount of participants?

Our research has show that, (approx.) 25 Participants is beneficial for the participants and the facilitator.

What main topics are covered in the workshops?

The 7 Secrets Technique, Developed by Dr Chris Stewart Patterson, address the following, how to be less tired, eat better, stay active, social connections, address habits, relaxion and financial wellness.Which are all about addressing stressors and challenges to help improve ones well-being.

Is this a meditation exercise?

Not exactly. But there are moments when the music leads the experience in quiet and there is a short period of relaxation.

How are the workshops personalized to each participant?

Since the workshops consist of 25 (approx.) participants there is more potential for interaction between each participant and the facilitator. There is also the Personal Wellness Strategy where there is time allotted from the workshop for each particle to fill to questions on their phones and after the workshop they will sent there results with suggestions.

What kind of results can be expected after a short workshop?

For the amount of information covered in the workshop it may seem brief may seem brief.Each participant leaves the workshop with practical, purposeful tools and support.

Is there Ongoing Wellness Support?

Yes, the EOV Wellness Project™ consists of an Ongoing Wellness Support, which is available to all that have participated in our workshop, with updates, website links, videos and blogs questions can be submitted to the EOV Team.